Gayle christensen


Gayle has worked as a therapist for sexually abused children for 35 years. He enjoys working on a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to promote the safety of children and build on the strengths of families. In addition to his work on custody cases, Gayle provides services and treatment for sexual abuse victims, sexual offenders, individual therapy for adults and couples, and specializes in clinical supervision and family therapy. He is a provider of expert testimony for criminal and child protection cases involving sexual abuse, specifically regarding the behavioral dynamics of victims and offenders. Gayle graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1980 with an MSSW degree and is licensed in Colorado as LCSW and SOMB full treatment provider, juvenile and adult. His passion is for helping professionals develop their own clinical skills, judgment, and personal strengths. With clients, he focuses on promoting strengths, confidence and coping skills in families and individuals. In his spare time, Gayle likes to build and drive nostalgic hot rods and spend time with his grandkids and family--not necessarily in that order.


LISA                 WHITE


Lisa has worked in the child welfare system as a therapist for over 30 years. She has extensive training in family therapy and various forms of treatment for victims of trauma. Lisa graduated from the University of Denver in 1984 with a master's degree in clinical social work and is licensed in Colorado as an LCSW and an SOMB (Sex Offender Management Board) full treatment provider for adult sex offenders. She specializes in working with troubled teenagers, victims, and families impacted by sexual abuse. Staying true to her Texas roots, Lisa also owns a ranch where she boards, trains, and rehabilitates horses. 



Marta has a Masters of Psychology with more than 24 years of experience in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. In addition to providing couples' therapy, family therapy, and evaluating high conflict custody cases, she has extensive continuing education and experience working with victims of family and domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, and trauma. She has participated in numerous community organizations to establish best practice protocols for child welfare, custody, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Her passions include accompanying people on their journeys to physical, sexual, and emotional health and safety and teaching children how to keep themselves safe and protected. She coaches individuals and families to become safe, nurturing, healthy, loving and to eliminate baggage from their past, and helps them develop a vision for the future that can become their reality. When she isn't working, Marta enjoys making jewelry, testing new recipes from Bon Appetit, and chasing her granddaughter down the ski slopes.